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Mission Statement

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JCI Agency leverages our 30+ years of experience to empower businesses and individuals with the knowledge and tools to create, run and scale their company. Our customer community benefits from access to business building experts, back of house services, and a full scope of insurance products that provide protection and peace of mind.

The culture of JCI Agency is centered around education first and profits
second. Understanding the unique challenges business owners face daily, our founder, Dawud Akil instilled customer centric values. We, strive to make sure all that seek entrepreneurship have the best opportunity for success that our company can provide to them.

We educate and build with these twelve core values as our guide:
Empowerment, Commitment, Integrity, Faith, Legacy, Relationships, Loyalty, Purpose and Passion, Family, Leadership, Professionalism, Work Ethic.


We do not operate from the normal corporate America format, nor do we accept the norm of how success is supposed to happen. Our power lies in our ability to create a new way of thinking. We call it the “JCI MindShift ”. We provide new, small, and medium sized businesses the tools and expertise to confidently focus on their strengths and growth.

JCI is different because we treat our clients like family. We live to be a part of every client’s journey. The small or large roll we play in their entrepreneurial  experience is why we get up every morning. Their success is our blessing!

Core Values

  • We aim to Empower communities by sharing financial literacy to create awareness
  • We are Committed to excellence as we bring attention to the need for building and sustaining financial security for all
  • We operate with the utmost Integrity and we pride ourselves in building trust with individuals and communities
  • We walk by Faith as we trust that we will be lead by the highest power to guide individuals and communities into creating tax-free wealth
  • We pledge to create and sustain a Legacy and engage individuals and communities in creating and sustaining their own
  • We will build and sustain Relationships that will foster trust in our partnerships with individuals and whole communities.
  • We show Loyalty to our clients and agents as we foster strong partnerships.
  • We lead with Purpose and Passion, connecting individuals and communities to resources that prepare families and communities for financial health and wealth
  • We believe that financial planning for our Family is key to sustaining a legacy
  • We are Servant Leaders who develop others as they explore entrepreneurship
  • Professionalism is essential to the core of JCI’s team
  • We Work Hard so we can play harder