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JCI Payroll solution combines our expertise from a range of industries and the most effective payroll systems to deliver the best payroll outsourcing services.

We cost effectively take away the value related to maintaining an in-house payroll by outsourcing your payroll services to JCI bookkeepers and accountants.

With JCI Payroll you are issued a dedicated and passionate Payroll Manager to attend to all your business needs and inquiries. We offer two types of services: Full-Service or Exclusive. The Full-service processes your employee’s paycheck including filing, reporting, and paying your payroll taxes to the state board. While Exclusive processes your employee’s paycheck however you are responsible for filing, reporting, and paying your payroll taxes to the state board.

Your payroll manager will maintain your payroll services in QuickBooks or Paychex. Each employee information will be maintained in a cloud-based portal, so that they may access their pay stubs and update their data at anyplace, anytime.

Full Payroll Service for your business – processing your payroll solutions for your business

  • personalized service from a dedicated and experienced payroll specialist
  • enable our team to be your “independent party” to resolve any payroll queries and relieve yourself of the burden
  • value effective, fixed fees – provide certainty
  • make sure you meet your obligations
  • tailored services that meet your requirements

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